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Our family has been in the business in Columbus for over a century. Cenci construction, GiAntonio’s bakery (here in Clintonville), and OP Gallo Tuxedo have given our family the honor of being small businessmen and women in the town we call home.

15 years ago we turned our attention to restaurants and we are pleased to bring our newest concept to Clintonville. Gallo’s on High offers an accessible bistro style menu with specialty cocktails in a casual atmosphere.

We picked your neighborhood because we feel like it is a return home for us. We are excited to be a part of Clintonville and be an asset to your community.

Our Specialties

Chicken Piccata

Gerber chicken breast, pan seared, angle hair, lemon, capers, white wine, parmesan reggiano.

Blackened Scallop Risotto

Bristol sea scallops, sweet potato risotto, asparagus and roasted beet coulis.

Red Curry Mussels

Angel hair, red curry, coconut milk, family sauce. Prince Edward Island mussels, fresh lime.


Arriving at John Glenn

We are the birthplace of flight, the home of the man that first orbited the earth and the man who first set foot on the moon.

We used locally distilled Four Peel Gin from Watershed to highlight the citrus notes of this lesser known, classic cocktail and named it after our international airport.

Around High Street

Like some of the locations on that street, this drink may be a little bitter and not for

We used a house vanilla infused, locally distilled Middle West Wheated Bourbon to try and bring out some more of the hidden sweetness of being around High Street.

Green Lawn Grave Robber

This take on an often overlooked cocktail, the Corpse Reviver No. 1, presents the wonderfully, locally produced Watershed Apple Brandy in the spotlight. Supported by the cognac, vermouth and demerara, it’s good enough to wake the dead.